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Perfect dental implants Toronto provides the best dental implant services throughout GTA and surrounding cities. Our Computer Guided Dental Implant Technology is the best State Of The Art Treatment Facility available in Toronto. Call us today for a free Consultation

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With our State of the art latest Computer Guided Dental Technology, you can have full on dental implant surgery in a single day and have you smiling again

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With our computer guided dental implant state of the art equipment, our dental implant operational procedures will give you permanent teeth in a day with very little pain to almost no pain during the surgical procedure.

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With the invention of new dental technologies, you can opt in for our all-on-4 dental implants or all-on-6 dental implants. Get the best smile with Perfect Dental Implant

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If you have been rejected for implants, our computer guided dental implants can help you get the implants you want.

An Overview of Dental Implants in Toronto


Despite significant enhancements in the field of dental care, millions of people worldwide suffer from tooth loss caused by factors such as injuries, tooth decay, and other related diseases. For decades, dentures and bridges were the only dental treatments accessible for individuals suffering from teeth complications. However, the advent of teeth implants by implant dentists have tremendously resolved various dental issues which otherwise the existing treatments could not tackle. This write-up aims to present an overview of Toronto dental implants.

What are Implants for Tooth?

Many people consider implants as one of the ultimate options for mending teeth loss. It is a sophisticated process of implanting metal appliances underneath the gums or into the jawbone. These implants offer a foundation for attaching artificial teeth, designed to match the natural teeth. In comparison to other dental procedures, it can be quite expensive. This factor is one of the essential reasons why people are reluctant to undertake implant procedures for tooth loss. However, we have some of the best prices that range from affordable to expensive dental implants.

Types of Dental Implants:

There are several types of implants for tooth throughout the world, each with specific procedure and function. Advancement in technology and medicine has allowed the emergence of more sophisticated methods and equipment for implants. One of the essential factors to consider for any types of surgical procedures is safety measures. Hence, you should be careful when selecting an implant procedure. In this section, we present some essential types implants.

The Canadian Dental Association has considered two kinds of procedures as the safest dental implants. These are the only accessible types of implants. They are as follow:

  • Endosteal Implants: One of the essential types of implants is endosteal implants, which consists of two surgical phases. This dental procedure is mainly for patients who do not have any complications with the jawbone. During the first phase, your periodontist will surgically implant a metal frame into the jawbone with the help of local anesthesia. Once the gum tissues have healed, the second phase of the surgical procedure takes place. It involves designing a new tooth, which your periodontist will attach it to the original implant. This type of implants can hold more than one artificial tooth.
  • Subperiosteal Implants: This type of implants is mainly for patients who could not undergo the endosteal implants due to weaker jawbone. For this reason, subperiosteal implants become an alternative procedure for endosteal implants. This type of dental implants consists of attaching a metal frame between the jawbone and gum tissue. Over times, the frame becomes fused to the bone as the gum tissue recovers. This fused frame provides support for artificial teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

Some of the benefits are as follow:

  • Improve the appearance of the patients, thereby boosting their self-esteem.
  • It solves the difficulty of chewing, which otherwise can result in indigestion.
  • Provide a strong foundation for artificial teeth, unlike tradition dental care that affects the speech. As such, it allows the individual to speak without any difficulties.
  • Improve overall oral health.
  • The implants can withstand for more extended durability, and it avoids any inconvenience experience such as slipping out of the mouth.
  • It preserves the structure of the jawbone.


Here are some frequently asked questions:

  • How much do dental implants cost in Canada?

The cost of dental implants in Canada will significantly depend on various factors. Some of these factors include the types of implantations, implant materials, and dental insurance, among others. Nevertheless, a reasonable implant cost in Canada is between 900 and 3000 dollars for a single tooth without the cost of the crown. Besides, full set of implants for teeth in Canada will cost around 96,000 dollars.

  • How much do they cost in Ontario?

Depending on the required customization, the cost of dental implants for a single tooth in Ontario is between 275 and 450 dollars. Moreover, the cost of implants along with the crown, will range between 1200 to 3400 dollars.

  • How much do dental implants cost in Toronto?

It is worth noting that the cost of implants in Toronto will vary based on the procedures and materials used during the process. Nevertheless, the average price of implants in Toronto starts at 1400 dollars, which can go up to 4000 dollars. These amounts cover the fees for implant surgeons, laboratory, and implant dentists.

  • How Safe Is it?

Implants for teeth have come a long way since its inception. It is an alternative to dentures for replacing a missing tooth. Many physicians consider implants as a safe tooth procedure. It has proven to be significantly successful for the majority of the patients when carried out by a qualified implant dentist. There is no doubt that implants come with some risk, but your dentist will consider these risks before recommending the procedures. As such, the rates of success are higher in many cases.

  • How strong are implants compared to real teeth?

The answer to this question does not necessarily have a straightforward conclusion. It will depend on factors such as the number of teeth implanted, current condition of the real teeth, and dental health, among others. However, tooth implants perform the same functions like your real teeth. Given that dentists use titanium, implants can be stronger than your natural teeth.

  • How long do implants last?

Given that implants fuse with your jaw bone, implants can potentially last between 15 and 25 years. However, you should undertake proper oral hygiene to ensure lasting implants.

  • How painful is it to get them?

The procedure of implants for teeth is not painful since the dentist will either use local or general anesthesia. However, most patients can experience a considerable amount of discomfort after the implantation. These will depend on the duration and procedure of the implants.

  • How long does it take to heal from implants?

The healing time for implant procedures will significantly differ from one patient to another. Typically, a patient can experience discomfort for up to ten days. However, your dentist will prescribe medications to relieve your pain and discomfort. Contact Dental Implants Centre in Toronto for more information.

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With the use of Computer Guided Technology, our dental facility is one of the State-Of-The-Art Dental Implant Clinic in All over Ontario and Canada.

Computer Guided Dental Implants
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All-On-4™ (All-On-Four) Dental Implants
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