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All On Four Dental Implants FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions asked about All-on-4 dental implants


Will my implants feel and also look like all-natural teeth?

Yes, the all on 4 dental implant teeth look and feel like your all-natural teeth. Most people won’t have the ability to recognize the distinction in any way, or will certainly comment that you look more young.


Just what about cleansing as soon as the implants are positioned?

Daily cleaning as well as flossing is all needed to keep them much like your natural teeth. As soon as your implants are done, the physician will certainly suggest you on the particulars of the cleaning procedure that fits your individual demands. We typically recommend an electrical toothbrush.


The length of time does the surgical treatment last?

The surgical treatment lasts for a couple of hours per arc and in many cases the specific gets fitted a new collection of teeth as well as reaches home the same day. Yes, it simply takes simply EVENTUALLY to obtain back your great smile with all on four dental implants!


Can I get all on 4 implants on the bottom arch?

Yes, you can. If you need all on four implants on both arcs, your doctor could suggest you to get them done at the same time, as this may minimize the cost, surgical treatment as well as recovery time successfully.


Who is the ideal candidate for all on 4 oral implants?

The suitable candidate is somebody that is currently putting on dentures, or who will need dentures in the near future. Rarely are we not able to give this as a preferred choice. This helps individuals avoid denture issues. The general health and wellness of the person is also examined before suggesting this therapy, to lower the opportunities of post-surgical issues.


What if I do not have sufficient bone?

We regularly treat people with oral implants that were informed years ago “You don’t have enough bone”. We are specialists at supplying instant teeth to solve client’s troubles with failing/bad teeth or that wear dentures.


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