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Dental problems are common among people of various ages. There are multiple procedures and methods for taking care of denture issues. Many people have the wrong conception that it affects only the elderly, but it is also a worrying difficulty among the younger generation. Many factors contribute to tooth decay and falling off. There is a need to care for dental health and follow strict teeth cleaning routine to ensure good teeth health. Some common examples are smoking, crooked teeth, chewing tobacco, plaque build-up, gum (periodontal) disease, tooth erosion, oral cancer, tooth sensitivity, etc.

In recent years, there have been many creative inventions to curb tooth problems. The various types of option for loose tooth are scaling, root planing, bone grafts, dental bridge, surgery, dental implant, etc. Going through the procedure of dental care, one tooth at a time will cost money, pain, more time, and maybe detrimental to the overall health.


The concept of full mouth implant dentist Toronto is the best way of dealing with tooth problems once and for all. It eliminates the problem of having to worry about numerous procedures and appointments. The method of full mouth dental implants implies restoring the entire upper jaw, lower jaw, or both the jaws. The process for full mouth dental implants is not an easy task and not every typical dentist can pull it off. The dental clinics that offer the treatment for full mouth dental implants retain Board Certified Specialists who have had years of experience and comes highly recommended.

The need for full mouth implants or treatments occurs where the need for replacing the whole mouth arises. The natural way of maintaining complete healthy teeth takes a longer time, and many people find it hard to follow a consistent routine. The procedure for full mouth implants proved to be the best way to tackle dental problems. The treatment for full mouth implants consist of:

  • Identifying the problem and thoroughly planning the stages for the procedure. The steps include diagnostic mock-up, smile design, x-rays, virtual planning, CT scan, etc.
  • To organize the upper jaw with the positioning of six to eight teeth transplant.
  • To organize the lower jaw with the positioning of four to six teeth insertion.
  • Manufacturing fixed temporary bridges
  • Placing the permanent and natural-looking enamel teeth to the implants with dental screws or cement.


A perfect teeth assembly gives the confidence to smile without embarrassment in public. People become self-conscious and anxious when their teeth are not in good condition to smile or even to talk. With complete dental implants, it takes away the discomfort of appearance, fast dental care, and more confidence.

  1. A lasting solution

The idea of a procedure for complete dental implants has revolutionized the dental world as it is a permanent solution. In comparison with dentures, bridges, and crowns, the full mouth implants stand out to be the next best thing. People with spans have problems with regular maintenance, while people with tops required replacement from time to time. Dentures also come with the obligation of removing it each day which is sometimes tiring. The complete dental implants procedures do away with all the trivialities of replacing and maintenance. A periodontist administers the process by inserting screws into the jaw bone and attaching it with the crown for secure fitting. Advanced technology helps in the creation of a complete set of teeth implants according to the shape and natural alignment of the patients’ mouth. The full mouth implants procedure can fill in for missing tooth or alternative missing teeth. The convenience of the permanent process avoids people from using adhesive for gluing the teeth in place or removing it daily.

  1. Support and firmness

It is best to opt for full mouth implants because, in comparison to other procedures, it ranks higher in comfort and durability. The new set of teeth is attached to the jaw bone with screws that fit perfectly. It takes away the problem of discomfort and shaky teeth experience as the screw holds it firmly.

  1. Excellent bone health

Many leading studies and research points out that the procedure for complete dental implants is better than opting for dentures. Many practical experiments show that using dentures leads to bone deterioration, which causes the jaw to collapse or break-up the jawbones. It is the most common problem faced by many denture-wearers, and sometimes due to the longevity of the use, there is not much they can do about it. The full mouth implants, on the other hand, merge with the jaw bone, which helps in preserving the strength of the bone and its durability.

  1. Maintenance

It is evident that with the procedure for permanent full mouth dental implants, there is no need for removing or using adhesive for gluing it back on. It takes away the discomfort and uneasiness associated with dentures, bridges, or crowns. Maintenance in this regard would require the daily routine of brushing any regular teeth in everyday life. Because of the permanent fix of the teeth to the jaw bone, there is a feeling of assurance that it will not fall off or become rickety. The wearer only has to brush it daily like on all regular days. An effective way of preserving and keeping the teeth clean is to brush twice daily or after eating anything.

The method comes highly recommended from people who already went through the procedure and are living with it. Many people are apprehensive or shy away from getting the complete dental implants, thinking that the process would be primary and can cause health problems. The truth is that so far, the multiple numbers of people who went through it are living a confident and positive life after the implants. It has been operational in bringing about changes that used to be a nightmare for most people. Dentures and crowns may be a procedure for dental care, but it is only temporary. Such short-term technique will only go as far as the wearer is willing to care for it. The permanent approach does not require any of the disturbances that come with the short-term technique.

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